NFL Week 2 Handicapping & DFS

Hello Football Peeps,

This NFL Week 2, I am totally focused on a Dog Day Afternoon. So your focus should be on the majority of the underdogs.

For handicapping, I only like 5 favorites, all the others are dogs and I even like the dogs with fleas and ticks. This is the time of year to take a risk, especially when it is so early in the season.  We are still learning exactly who these teams truly are.

For the Daily Fantasy People, this is who I like:

The first lineup is for the Main Contest. I like a Raiders stack because it gives you the ability to get more big named players.

For the first slate of games only, I love the Giants Stack. People are way too high on Buffalo. I like the young Buffalo team but they sucked against the J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets and only to the ineptitude of that team did Buffalo actually get a win.

The afternoon slate is a mix of Raiders and Saints stack. I believe the Saints will be motivated to win at the Rams. Plus, you have enough big names left to make a nice score.

Have a good football Sunday people and show some love by saying some nice things about this site and share some content.


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