New England Patriots Continue To Roll

Hello Patriot Peeps,

The AFC East continues to give us wins, and wins, and even more, wins. It is a division that the Patriots have feasted upon for more than a decade.

I am going, to be honest with you regarding the Jets game. You are not going to get much info or intrigue from it. The Jets are a bad team and New England Patriots are not a bad team. It was a solid win and a class effort, and that is all.

I am going to touch on this Antonio Brown issue. The Patriots Organization did not do its homework on the player. I do not give a shit if Antonio Brown gets his money or not. I also do not give a shit if the Patriots Organization is upset on how they are viewed either. All of the discourse that happened, is rightfully deserved. This is a Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft issue. The poor bastard that had to take action was Jonathan Kraft who most likely on Friday, took over the situation and fired Antonio Brown as a Kraft Family Matter. If you believe the nonsense that WEEI or 98.5 The Sports Hub, you are a moron. You have to own your own stupidity on that issue.

I speak on a number of sports topics that do not always find their way to this page. I use Twitter constantly and you can find the majority of my thoughts under GrayingWolf.

The next game against the undefeated Buffalo Bills is going to be a game to find out how good or bad each team is. This will be a must-watch game next Sunday.


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