NFL Week 5 Handicapping & DFS

Hello NFL Peeps,

Here we all are, ready for Week 5 NFL action.

You are going to have some really big games this week. Dallas vs Greenbay, Titans vs Buffalo, LA Chargers vs Denver are key matchups for each division or conference.


I like many of the favorites this week. My opinion is that many of the big priced favorites are going to cover. I do like Denver and Arizona as upsets and both could actually win outright.


This is a really odd DFS Week. Especially how the games are early slate heavy.

For the Early Slate and Main Slate, I love an Eagles Stack, which is a low risk, high reward option. This stack also allows you to max out at Running Back and have Julio Jones as Wideout. The only risk is Meyers on the Main Slate, he may score zero but has an opportunity to hit it big if some of the Wide Outs in New England come up lame.

The Late Slate is whacked with only two games. Personally, this cries out for a Dallas / Denver stack. Green Bay and Chargers are hurt at key positions. Which is why I love the stack.

Ok people, have fun out in the wild and have a great Football Sunday.


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