Patriots Move Past The Redskins

Hello Patriot Peeps,

This was an epic blowout but issues do exist.

The Patriots Offense has played horrible two games in a row. If this Redskin team was not this bad and the Ref’s on the Patriots side through the entire game, would this game have been a blowout?

Tom Brady, in particular, has not gotten it done, not even close. The second he even thinks that pressure is coming his way, that ball is out. I understand that he is old and a little fragile but you still have to get the job done and play a better game. Real games are eventually going to come the Patriots way and this Offense right now is not good enough.

As for the real strength of this Patriot Team is the Defense. The Defense has been awesome in every single game and that has only gotten better over the past 5 games. The true game heroes are on the defensive side of the ball, never forget that.

I would tell you that the 6th game would be a challenge but that is not true either. It is the New York Football Giants without Eli Manning. Which will be another Patriot victory unless Tom Brady gets himself too scared to actually play the game.

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