Kansas City Chiefs Are Your SuperBowl Champions

It was all about the 4th quarter and Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs moved past the 49ers and won the whole damn thing.

I am going to be painfully honest, Kyle Shanahan Head Coach of the 49ers, simply tossed the game away in the 4th quarter. It was ugly and it was pathetic. In particular, Kansas City Chiefs have sucked all season covering Tight Ends. It was a known item, you would not have to go and climb a mountain and talk to an old Asian guy. In a game that George Kittle should have had an endless supply of targets, he was held 4 receptions out of 7 targets. The next glaring issue was that Raheem Mostert should have started this game at tailback. How on the gods green earth did Tevin Coleman started, simply escapes me?

With that being said. Andy Reid was not the Andy Reid of old and found a way with Patrick Mahomes to win the Superbowl. It was a good look, a good feel, and it was the right team to win.

All Hail The Kansas City Chiefs, Our Superbowl Champions.

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