RedSox HotStove 2020

Hello Redsox Peeps,

We need to have an honest conversation. The current team blows and the lot of them are unlikeable at best and ultimate douche bags at worst. That is why this team has to move forward from a whole host of players.

I am also not sold on the latest and greatest leader of Baseball Operation Chaim Bloom. He has to show me more than what he has. Chaim Bloom should have worked harder this Hotstove season to fix this very broken team.

Now, getting back to the players. Moving Mookie Betts and David Price is the correct decision. Some of these players may be your favorite binky but they are not team players, they are more interested in chasing individual goals and they need to be elsewhere. I agree with the majority of Redsox fans that this makes the team less able to win games in the present but I believe this will lead to a better team in the future.

Moving David Price to the Dodgers is awesome. He can play Fortnite and miss games because of that for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Better for the Dodgers, than for Redsox fans. I do thank David Price for his work in getting the Boston Redsox our last Championship, without him, we as Redsox fans never would have won that World Series Championship.

Mookie Betts would have been a player that should have been a Redsox lifer. Simply, the fame and his agent has gotten into his head and simply he needs to move on. Mookie Betts is a .250 batter average in the playoffs and is not worth the mega-money that he wants to get. He is Jacoby Ellsbury and I would prefer another team to eat that money instead of the Boston Redsox.

Thank you to the Baseball Gods because the deal to send Price and Betts to the Dodgers has gone through. Souce below:

This is a step in the right direction. Our Redsox team needs to shed payroll to be better in the future. This is not about what is best right now, it is what is best for the future and how we can rebuild a team to win for the future.

Many more moves have to happen and it is not going to be a pretty process but wholesale changes have to be made now, so we can win and be competitive in the future.

Stay Strong Redsox Peeps, it is going to get worse before it gets better.

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