TankAthon Is On, New England Patriots 2020 Draft

Greetings Patriot Peeps,

If you did not pay attention to the 2020 draft one thing has happened. Your New England Patriots for the 2020 season is going to lose a boatload of games. This is going to be like the Sullivan Era Patriots people. So for the old-timers, you know now, exactly what is coming for you. For you Millenials who have no clue what the hell I am talking about, this Patriots team is going to be one of the worst teams this coming NFL Season. You should bank this, and you need to accept this.

For the 2020 season, this was a horrible draft that really addresses nothing to win in the now.

These players for 2020 are utterly and completely useless. Now, we do have the Boston Sports Media Douche Bags who are going to tell you this draft was awesome. Below, is a sample Douche Bag, believe me in the coming days, more are going to follow.

Not going after a QB in this draft is and was a joke. This one move tells you exactly what is going to happen for the upcoming season. It is about losing games and getting to the bottom as fast as possible.

The one item I do need to add is that the Patriots did sign a QB who was not drafted, Brian Lewerke from Michigan State.

As bad as this draft is and was, we have drama over the 5th round pick who was a kicker. Of course, we have Jemele Hill, Identity Politic Queen Extraordinaire, issuing her decree of disapproval.

This is going to be a hard time, my Patriot Peeps. Please for the love of all things holy, do not listen to the Boston Sports Media Douche Bags, selling you that the Patriots are going to have a good team. It is not true, simply and easily. Embrace the losses as they come in, week after week after week. It is all about the 2021 draft and getting one of the top QB’s in that draft.

The only caveat is Bill Belichick getting the #1 pick in the 2021 draft and then moving it for 4 picks in the 2nd round, 3 picks in the 3rd round, 1 pick in the 4th round, and 3 5th round picks. It has to be said, it will not be good times for a number of years people. Your best bet is to enjoy the Tampa Bay Patriots.

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