Andy Dalton Was Never Going To Be A New England Patriot

Greetings Patriot Peeps,

Douche Bags are going to do Douchey things. Of course, I am talking about New England Sports Media. Which gave you a solid week if not more of Andy Dalton talk for no good reason.

Understand, the New England Patriots never had an interest in Andy Dalton. Believe me, New England Sports Media knew this, but it was more important to force-feed you a story, for the sake of force-feeding you a story.

Here are the real deal Patriots Fans, you are going to lose a boatload of games. You are going to get a heavy and ugly dose of Jarrett Stidham throughout the upcoming 2020 season. This is a TankAthon year for the lowest draft pick available. Embrace the L’s, because it is going to get the New England Patriots better for the future.

The shit and it is shit that Bill Belichick is going to get coach of the year because he is going to play with a piece of shit team of his own making. Are you people really this F’ing Stupid? Bill Belichick is solely and utterly responsible for the piece of shit Patriots Team coming your way.

For you Millenials, you are going to learn what losing looks like with this New England Patriots franchise. For those of us who are Gen X and older, we already know what losing year after year looks like.  It is called the Sullivan Era Patriots and you better get used to it and you better embrace it, because you got it for at least 1 year if not more.

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