Cam Newton to the Patriots and the cost of the new Spygate

Hello Patriot Peeps

Well Bill Belichick made a decision to go get a real QB and signed Cam Newton to an incentive laden contract. I am not against the contract, for one year, I am onboard. Do not think thou, for a minute or a second, that the Patriots are going to the Superbowl to challenge Tom Brady. That is crazy insane shit that is not reality.

What this move will do is keep the Patriots in the hunt in the AFC East. I still think the Buffalo Bills is the beast in the AFC East but you have to love the ability that Cam Newton can bring to the Patriots team.

We also have to have a conversation regarding the Bengals- Browns Spygate issue and the NFL punishment. So the penalties are:

$1.1 Million in Club Fines

Loss of 2021 Third Round Pick

Patriots TV Crew not allowed to shoot games in the 2020 season.

I have no problem with Robert Kraft getting hit with a fine for yet again being a piece of shit owner who employees people who have to break the rules to try to get an edge.

The Third Round Pick will hurt Bill Belichick because this is in his sweet spot. I am sure he would have rather lose a First Round Pick since he most likely would trade a good First Round Pick away anyways.

I am glad that the NFL hit the Patriots would a good penalty. Things have to change in the organization to stop the abusive behavior and always pushing right to the fine edge on every single NFL rules.

I am concerned about Cam Newton. Not that he will fail, the Patriots team is not a good Offensive team. My worry is that Cam will win too many games and get the Patriots near to the playoffs and then get them out of the top ten of the First Round.

Hang tough my New England Patriot Peeps.

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