New England Patriots / AFC East Preview

Greetings my Patriot and AFC East Peeps

I am going to cover the AFC East and the Patriots in one simple article. What I am going to cover first is my Patriot Fan Peeps.

Ok, New England Patriot fans, we are going to have a little talk. I want you to ignore the Douche Bag New England Sports Main Stream Media. The New England Patriots are going to suck this year. The suckage is going to be EPIC and you need to embrace that EPIC suckage. Man up and grow a backbone and accept of the L’s the Patriots are going to receive this season. We as Patriots fans had a nice run, we had more than a decade of winning, we were blessed, so accept what is going to happen this year. I do not want to hear any whining or complaining, accept the L’s, be a Man or Woman and take it, just like we have given it out over the past decade.

That being said, I am going to give you the Patriots Preview:

Cam Newton will be the starting QB and he should do well. He is not Tom Brady and Cam Newton is going to have to do more with less. He should be exciting and keep games close. The rest of the Offense is basic, not necessarily bad but not good either.

The Defense is going to be worse than last year, mainly from the players who have opted out because of COVID-19. So this Defense is going to give up more points and yards and the yards will mainly be given up on the ground.

The combo of a basic Offense and a below-average Defense is going to give this New England Patriots team many, many L’s. So this is a Low Scoring Offense, combined with a Defense that is going to give up a ton of yards on the ground which will lead to a horrible time of possession. Many, many L’s my Patriot Peeps.

How the AFC East is going to play out:

This is the Buffalo Bills year. They have on Paper the best Offense and the best Defense in the AFC East. You could argue they are in the top 5 in both categories in the entire NFL. If the Bills cannot win the AFC East this year, they will never win the AFC East.

The Miami Dolphins should be in second place. Much of this depends on how the team is going to be managed. If they start Tua over Fitzmagic, then they will finish in 3rd place and may fall apart entirely. Tua is not ready and he is not quick enough for today’s defenses right now. Tua needs to learn, he needs to ride the pine and hold a clipboard, watching is the most important thing he can do. If Fitzmagic starts the entire year, Miami may make the playoffs as a wild card team. They have an above-average Offense with an average Defense, which for this league in the hear and now, will give you wins.

The New England Patriots will not be in last place but they will be close. Putting the Patriots over the J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets is nothingness. It has more to say about the Jets than it does about the Patriots.

The J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets are not going to have a good year. Right now, the majority of their wideouts are hurt, which means Darnold will have to work harder, which will lead to a host of interceptions, which all leads to a whole bunch of L’s. The Defense is average at best. The key point is that the Jets Team seems to be united on one item, Hating the Head Coach. Lots and lots of L’s people.

Be well folks, enjoy the football season.

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