Cam Newton Squished The Fish

Hello Patriot Peeps,

Well, your New England Cam Newton’s found a way to beat the Miami Dolphins. The main issue is that it really was Cam Newton that singlehandedly beat the Miami Dolphins.

The lead rusher cannot be Cam Newton going forward. They may have worked against Miami, that is not going to work against the majority of the NFL. Cam Newton cannot have double the rushing yards of one of your real running backs. It will not work going forward.

Another issue is passing. 15 for 19 is great but for 155 yards, now that is dog shit of EPIC dog shit. That figure must get to the Mid 250’s at the least. I know it is a patch work offense but it has to get better.

The real sunshine of this game is the Patriots Defense. Keeping Fitzmagic to under 200 yards passing and the Miami rushing attack under 100 yards is AWESOME. Pat’s Defense made up of spare parts and broken toys had a great game and should be proud of themselves.

Enjoy this win people.

We are onto a Sunday Night game at Seattle.

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