Patriots Lose In Seattle

Greetings my Patriot Peeps,

This was a great game for scoring. It was also a great game if you are positive about the New England Patriots.

First thing is the Offense. Finally, Cam Newton had a solid Passing attack. Passing for almost 400 yards is going in the right direction. The only blight on the Patriots Offense is the rushing attack. Cam Newton cannot lead the rushing stat’s. The running backs need to carry that load, so Cam Newton can be more dynamic in the Offense. The focus on the rushing attack on Cam Newton will get him hurt and that is why the behavior has to change.

The Defense blows and that is going to be a problem throughout the year. Seahawks had close to 300 yards passing and 100 plus yards rushing, which is a recipe to win a whole bunch of games.

On an overall basis, for this year, this is a Great Loss. Seattle is a better team than this New England Patriots team and dropping 30 points on them and have the chance to actually win the game is AWESOME.

If Belichick does not get Cam Newton hurt, Patriots have a chance at a Wild Card spot this year. If you told me this at the beginning of the season, I would have laughed in your face.

Ok Peeps, The Raiders are coming in next weekend, so stay positive.

Also, Condolences to James White and his family during this trying time.

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