Patriots Beat Down The Las Vegas Raiders

Greetings Patriot Peeps,

It was a great Sunday for your New England Patriots.

The first thing to celebrate is that Cam Newton did not lead your team in rushing and even better he was not in the top 3 in rushing. This is important because you still need opposing Defenses to honor the pass. Which will aid the team going forward to be more unpredictable.

The passing game fell by the wayside and that is fine. When you win 36 – 20 you do not need to pass the ball.

The second best thing was the Defense, who finally had a great game. Holding the Raiders to just over 100-yard rushing is an awesome job, do not fall asleep on that. Do not believe that these are the same loser Raider teams. This year’s Raider team is a good team, do not doubt that for a second.

Holding David Carr to under 300 yards passing is a solid job. Holding Waller to only 2 catches is a fantastic feat. The New England Patriots Defense gets a gold star this week.

This is a good week for you Patriot fans. You can start to say some good things about this team. Right now, in the AFC, this Patriots team is a top 10 team. I did not see this at the start of the season. So be happy people.

Next up is the Kansas City Chiefs…. You will know really quickly how good this New England Patriots team is.

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