Bill Belichick Outsmarted Himself

Bill Belichick had to play Brian Hoyer just to prove how smart he was than the rest of the NFL. As you all saw during that Patriots Chiefs game, Brian Hoyer proved to be the failure of a Quarterback that he actually was.

You can also point out the utter shit show near the end of the first half, when the Patriots should have kicked a field goal to tie the game. Another EPIC Bill Belichick error.

The Boston Main Stream Sports Media are working overtime right now to knock Jarrett Stidham performance. Jarrett Stidham did not even get first team Offensive Reps going into the game. He had to go in cold and he actually had a chance to win that ball game.

The real issue is the failure of the Wide Outs, who have gotten into a habit of watching the game play, instead of being part of those Offensive plays. Let’s be honest Julian Edelman, N’Keal Harry, and Damiere Bird spent more time watching, than actually moving to go get a football. Their play actually ruined the chances that the Patriots had to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

What is a sin is that Bill Belichick ruined a fantastic performance of his Defensive Unit. The Defense was simply AWESOME and I hope Bill has the balls to apologize to that unit for screwing them out of a win that the Defense actually deserved.

The Denver Broncos are coming into town this Sunday, It is Win Time.

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