Patriots Lose A Close Game In Buffalo

Folks, we need to have a conversation regarding this Patriots Team Again.

I want you New England Patriots fans to get this into your brainpan. This New England Patriots team is the least talented team in the NFL. This is a fact and it is not arguable at this point and time.

This information regarding this New England Patriots Team is not breaking news, it is not awe-inspiring, this has been discussed by numerous GM’s openly and has been discussed widely on Sports Media Sources throughout the country. You are just behind the times, just like the New England Patriots.

Cam Newton is doing too many things and that is why he is making mistakes game in and game out. This is happening because the team is not talented and Cam Newton is trying to expand what he is doing to win ballgames. What Cam Newton should be hearing is praise and not hostility.

If you think Jarrett Stidham is going to succeed in this lack of talent Offense, you are smoking copious amounts of crack. If Stidham was good enough, to begin with, Coach Subway Bill Belichick would not have signed Cam Newton in the first place.

The truth of the matter people, you need to enjoy the wins and the losses that Cam Newton is giving you because he is the best player on this team right now and he is giving you 100% every single game. Enjoy it, or you are going to be miserable bastards and bitches for a very long time.

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