A View Of New England Sports From The Hinterlands

Hello Peeps,

I am out here on the Left Coast watching the Shit Show of New England Sports. Primarily the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox.

We will start with the New England Patriots. Easily, I witnessed the worst New England Patriots draft in my lifetime. Then I watched the New England Sports Media Douche Bags discuss how great a job Bill Belichick did as GM running this draft. How is it possible for the New England Sports Media in unison, regardless of network, spread such a level of pure and utter bullshit onto the New England Patriot fan base.

First off, let us discuss the First Round pick, Cole Strange, who should be called Doctor Strange because you have to be out of your F’ing mind to have drafted this player this high in the draft. Then, this pile of shit that Bill Belichick dropped on the head of New England Patriot fan base, the Boston Sports Media then drops an unrealistic expectation on Cole “Doctor” Strange that he is going to magically become Logan Mankins. I still do not know what is worse, does the New England Patriots and or the New England Sports media really believe that the New England sports fans are this F’ing stupid.

Cole Strange should have been drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft and the belief that he is going to become Logan Mankins does not matter because you still could have had this player at the number 50 pick in the second round. You could have drafted a better player with this 1st round pick and still got this player. You still had quality defensive players on the board who would be starting for the New England Patriots, and a couple of Wide Outs that the Patriots need.

The 2 round pick who most likely could have been had later on in the draft, WR Tyquan Thornton, is the pick you could have had Cole Strange and had an even better Wide Out if you just followed simple basic NFL GM logic.

Opportunity was aplenty but instead, the worse GM in the NFL, Bill Belichick had to prove to the entire NFL World that he is the worst GM in the NFL. The worse part is that the NFL world already knows, the Rams Coach and GM when they found out a player who was on their board at 100+ pick was taken off the board at 29 almost peed themselves at the podium during the draft.

Now it is time to talk about Team Douche Bag, my Boston Red Sox. Another team of Douche Bags who believe they are World Champions without winning anything in 3 years. This team only plays when it wants too, and no one is going to tell them any different. They want to be paid Millions of dollars to lose, lose and lose some more. Then complain that the losing is not their fault and point the finger everywhere except at the players themselves.

It is May 8th, 2020 and this Team of Douche Bags are 10 games out of first place in the AL East. They are 1.5 games worse than the Baltimore Orioles, which I still cannot wrap my mind around. Right now, Team Douche Bag’s team payroll is roughly $200 Million Dollars per Spotrac. In comparison, the Baltimore Orioles payroll this year is $45 Million. This Red Sox team has Zero Pride, it has Zero Responsibility, and it has Zero Respect for the fan base. Always remember, with Team Douche Bag, you are the problem and never them.

I watched this shit show of a team today against the Chicago Whites Sox. This Red Sox team cannot even play fundamental baseball. I literally watch a player from the Chicago White Sox, walk all the way to 2nd base from 1st base without the pitcher giving a single shit. The pitcher was oblivious in a winnable game down by either 1 or 2 runs. Then you have the walking and talking double play hitting king JD Martinez, killing rally, after rally, after rally. I think the only two players on the Red Sox who gave a flying fuck were Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts.

This Red Sox Team as constructed sucks, and it needs to be blown up. This team is not going to win, no matter whether you fire that cheating bastard Alex Cora or not.

I am telling you, my New England Sports fans, it is not going to be a very pretty Spring through Winter with these two teams. 


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